As a firm believer in the power of stillness, and the multitude of benefits that go with connecting one’s mind and body, I feel so lucky to have found Elena to guide my daughter in her journey inward!

She is so good at connecting with the kids while teaching them the kind of life skills that most adults live without!!  She also keeps a beautiful balance of silly and serious so the kids are able to “be kids” while they learn to connect to the peace that lives within them!!  This world can be hectic and very fast paced for our children, and Elena’s teachings help to slow things down and quell anxiety.

This experience is like no other and I can only say again how grateful I am to have my daughter under her charge while learning something so important!  Thank you, Elena!!!!

Diane Greco, parent

My daughter suffered through stress, anxiety and fears for years; and she’s only 10.  When Elena told me about her new venture I knew this would be perfect for her.  Elena has taught her to deal with her stress, anxiety and fears in a way that no therapist ever could.  She redirects her and gets her to focus on her breathing and to take control of whatever situation she is in.  I have noticed a tremendous difference in her since beginning this journey with Elena.  Each time I pick her up from class her exact words to me are, “I am so relaxed”.  She has never been as relaxed as when this journey began.  She’s matured and has learned to handle whatever life throws at her in a calm, cool and collected manner.  Thank you “Miss” Elena for centering my daughter and teaching her that she could get through her stress, anxiety and fears with just a little bit of confidence and a few breathing exercises! 

Gina D., parent

Ms. Olivieri is a wonderful teacher! My daughter, Danielle, had a lot of self esteem issues in school and developed anxiety. She got so discouraged and felt that she wasn't able to succeed in school. She had failing grades until she had Elena Olivieri. Elena gave Danielle the courage to succeed and achieve her academic dreams. Danielle has done so well that she made the honor roll last year in high school!! I believe that it was with the help and dedication of Elena that got Danielle where she is today in her academics. I will forever be thankful!!!!

Kristina M., parent

I learned about Child•cor thanks to the social worker of a doctor’s office where my son receives medical services. I have two boys, and they both attend and love Child•cor classes. When I took my boys to the first class I actually told them that they were going to a play date. I am usually quite honest with my boys and tell them like it is. However, with this, I thought that if I told them why we drove 45 minutes away from home on a Saturday morning when they would rather be sleeping late, they would have probably said “No, no thanks mommy”…well, that is exactly what they said when we first walked into the class. Thus, I asked them to try it, and assured them that I would be close by in the event they wanted to leave the class early if they didn’t like it. However, two hours later, after the class, both Jaden and Ethan left the class saying, “Mommy, I loved the class! Can I come back, please, please!”… this is the story of my how my boys began Child•cor. They absolutely love the class, they look forward to “Yoga Saturday”. Ms. Elena has such a positive attitude, and displays such love and passion for what she does that I think the kids can sense it.

Patricia F., parent


Childcor is an amazing, nurturing program. The teachers are wonderful and the director, Elena Olivieri, couldn’t be nicer. The program provides a sanctuary for children where they can not only be themselves, but where they learn to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of ridicule or judgement. They learn meditative and breathing techniques as well as yoga poses, and even do some writing and art. My daughter entered the program as a tween when all the other kids were younger, and Elena instantly embraced her as a class assistant and made her feel needed and helpful. She loved going every week–and she was very hesitant at first. She also noted to me that any child that was reluctant to join was eager to come back by the end of the first session. I highly recommend this program for any parent who wishes to give their child the priceless gift of confidence and peace of mind!
Elena and her team are so wonderful and my daughter may even be back as a helper once she settles into her high school routine!

Jennifer G., parent